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We offer you the opportunity to join a community of ambitious professionals passionate about continuing their professional development journey. Come join us, where you can partner with like-minded individuals to gain new insights and develop new skills, explore areas of professional concern and frustration, and work together to identify options for innovative new solutions! Become a member of the PWN Global community where you can:

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Become a Corporate Partner and access in-depth knowledge to support your organisation in putting gender balance at the very core of your operations.

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PWN Netherlands Mentoring: REGISTRATION 2024 OPEN

Embark on a transformative journey of personal and professional growth by participating in the PWN Mentoring Program. This golden opportunity is designed to elevate your trajectory in the upcoming year.

Key Program Details:
Program Duration: March 2024 - June 2024
Application Deadline: February 15, 2024. Submit your application: 
Why Choose the PWN Mentoring Program?
Whether you're an experienced professional seeking fresh perspectives or a newcomer in need of guidance, our program connects you with mentors who understand your goals and can provide valuable insights. Our mentors represent a wide spectrum of industries and backgrounds, offering a rich pool of knowledge and perspectives to enhance your understanding.
Beyond the program, cultivate relationships with your mentor/mentee and fellow participants at our exclusive networking events. From virtual speed networking to in-person meetups, we've curated dynamic events to inspire, educate, and connect.
Who Can Participate?
The PWN Mentoring Program welcomes individuals from all walks of life seeking growth, inspiration, and connection. Whether you're a seasoned professional, a budding entrepreneur, or anyone hungry for personal and professional development, this program is tailored just for you. 
In order to join the program as a mentee, you have to become PWN Netherlands Premium Members and need to pay an additional fee of 80 EUR. This will grant you access not only to the Mentoring program, but also to all the other PWN Global events and benefits of being a PWN Premium Member.

Seize this opportunity! Register today by clicking below!
For any questions or clarifications, feel free to reach out to us at

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What's Hot #01

Survey reveals progress towards gender equality

Women have more independence, and a greater portion of men are involved in the housework in 2019 than in 2015, according to a recently revealed survey conducted by USAID’s Nobo Jatra project and led by World Vision Bangladesh. 


What's Hot #02

What Is the ‘Broken Rung,’ and How Can Companies Fix It?

It’s just one promotion. What’s the big deal? Historically, women getting passed over for promotions early in their careers can translate into a very big deal. When fewer women get promoted to management positions earlier in their careers, it follows that there are fewer women to promote to...


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    Balanced Leadership

    Sign The Manifesto If you want to demonstrate your commitment to really advancing gender ...

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  • International Mentoring Programme 2024
    International Mentoring Programme 2024

    UPDATE: Registration Open 1st - 29th February 2024Programme start date: Mid-March 2024 C...

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    Find out more about the Virtual Entrepreneurship Program   The PWN Virtual Entrepreneur...

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  • Networking / Events
    Networking / Events

    Networking is one of the single most powerful ways to boost your career and contributes to...

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  • Knowledge

    Too much information, not enough time? Let us help you cut though the noise!! We present y...

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PWN Global Summit 2024 (Strasbourg)

Join the PWN Global Summit (Strasbourg) on 8th March 2024.

The Summit 2024 will provide a hub of activities where we can meet and exchange experiences, ideas, and valuable data on major themes such as peace, governance, wealth, health matters, and more.

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