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VEP2021 TRIO of Modules 5+6+7

The next three modules create a story that will unfold in 3 acts. Each training session leads to the next. 

It starts on October 8, 2021, with Module 5 on Design Thinking led by Patrick Roupin,  and continues on November 5 with Module 6 on Your Business Model (Canvas) with Dr. Eleftheria Egel, and then on December 10, runs further with Module 7 on Digital Marketing orchestrated by Francois G. Essomba.

You will be challenged to find a solution for a business problem. The problem is described in a case study that you receive before the Design Thinking Module. In his session Patrick Roupin will guide you through a design thinking methodology (a non-linear process) to gain a deeper understanding of the customers, the problem and generate ideas about how to solve it.

Eleftheria Egel will continue with the Module 6 where the Business Model Canvas Tool is used to explore the solution generated in Module 5. Together you will answer how the proposed solution creates value for target customers and what is the most efficient way to implement it.

After that, in the “Digital Marketing” Module, Francois G. Essomba will reveal for you the ways to communicate and promote your brand, product or service and the values it creates for your potential clients.

It is highly recommended to attend the Trio of Modules, as then you will see the whole picture, and will understand better how to get from A to Z of your business journey.



Module 5 DESIGN THINKING, with Patrick Roupin


Patrick RoupinDo you have an idea for your business already? Or even several ideas? You don’t know which one to choose? And even if you know, do you ask yourself ‘what’s next’?

All these are important questions that deserve the right answers. During the VEP Module 5 of Design Thinking, led by Patrick Roupin, you will first, learn how to extract trends and foresights from a given business situation, but also from your personal life experience and social observations.

The exercise of projection will help you to imagine the evolution of your business and generate the 'game-changing' questions. You will draft potential business scenarios and learn how to frame the potential areas of investigation in your customer research. You will find out what information from real life about real people and their needs is necessary to obtain.
The exercise of “prospective” will help you with creation of concept boards - a collection of interrelated ideas - that will allow you to see potential business solutions, the story of customers' journeys, imagine a Persona, and create a 'system map' that explains how the business process is going to evolve.

In the Module 5, "Design Thinking" you will understand what exactly you need for converting your business idea into a practical and realistic prototype, which will allow you creating competitive value propositions for your business.

Join us on the two-hour live webinar on Friday 8 October 2021, and you will learn how to:


  • Extract trends and foresights from a given market & business situation
  • Translate your business idea into concept boards and prototypes
  • Imagine your Customer Persona and Customer Journey
  • Create a “System Map” of your business process


Module 6 YOUR BUSINESS MODEL (CANVAS) with Dr Eleftheria Egel


Once you have successfully managed to translate your business idea into a concept and then viable prototype, it is time to prepare your Business Model; to check how your business can create, capture, and deliver value.

During the VEP Module 6 Dr Eleftheria Egel will help you to explore and prepare Your Business Model using The Business Model Canvas tool.

The Business Model Canvas was created by Strategyzer and can be downloaded for free here. It is a one-page visual description of your business model that allows you to carry out a high-level analysis without getting lost in details. It comprises nine building blocks that are related and integrated.

The building blocks form the foundations of every successful business. They clarify 4 aspects of your business concept:  the offering-the customers-the finance and the infrastructure.
Join us on the two-hour live webinar on Friday 5 November 2021, and you will find answers to the questions on how you can better determine:
•    Who you are creating value for (customer segments)
•    What value you are creating (value proposition)
•    How you can capture the value you create (channels-customer relations-partnerships-activities)
•    How you can deliver value efficiently (cost-revenue-resources)




Module 7 DIGITAL MARKETING with Francois G. Essomba


Access to a market and potential customers is one of the key pillars of any business.

One of the big mistakes that many entrepreneurs make is their belief that once the product / service has been launched, customers will come from themselves. This rarely happens if not impossible.

Entrepreneurs need to properly communicate and promote their brand, product or service to potential customers.

Digital platforms (like social media apps) and search engines (like Google) have made it easier to access your customers wherever they are. Which means virtually unlimited potential to scale your business.

There is a catch though… A good portion of entrepreneurs don’t really know how to use those platforms and tools, misuse them and don’t know how to make them work effectively to reach their business goals.

During the VEP Module 7 of Digital Marketing led by Francois Essomba you will find the practical and most efficient ways through the “jungles” of social media to be able properly translate your business solutions and goals into digital marketing assets.

Join the live webinar with François on the 10th of December 2021 and learn:


  • The most effective ways and Media Channels for communication with your potential customers based on their personas, business models and other factors.
  • What type of advertisement to choose: Organic vs. Paid?
  • How to create relevant and engaging content for different platforms and media channels.
  • The most important marketing KPIs that will help you to access whether you do right things or not.



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The PWN Virtual Entrepreneurship Program is a hands-on online course to enrich attendees personal,
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through collaborative efforts, and to discover what’s uniquely yours, to grow into
and succeed in it.

Developed in collaboration with EU Business School, this is an online 8 months, 8 modules training that aims at expanding and improving entrepreneurship competences of our community.

New for 2021 we will also be working in partnership with EMCC, bringing executive and developmental coaches customized to the specific needs of each participant on their entrepreneurial journey!

Check out the next VEP2021 Trio of Modules: 5, 6, 7 , open for registration!




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WEgate, led by the European Small Business Alliance (ESBA) and co-financed by the COSME programme.

The objective is to enhance women entrepreneurship in Europe by encouraging networking and improving the support effectively delivered to women entrepreneurs and motivating more women to start their business or support their business across Europe.

The Council will increase the WEgate community's impact by bringing together the different actors in co-creating a refreshed, more dynamic and vibrant community of women entrepreneurs.

Patricia Zeegers, PWN Global Entrepreneurship




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