PWN Netherlands-L&L:Do you know why you pay higher prices for your hotels or Uber than your friends?

04 February 2022 11:30 CET - 12:30 CET Online via MS Teams

We have no idea how much information Uber,, Meta (Facebook) know about us and how they are using this data; their privacy policies are incredibly broad. After Cambridge Analytica it got more interest and governments and the EU are trying to regulate more, but still many people are not aware how their data is used and what types of behavior is leveraged to influence pricing.

In this lunch and learn Marlene De Koning will share what some of the effects are of consenting with different privacy policies and how this contributes to inequality.

She will tell you things about what ‘surge pricing’ means and that personalized pricing does not necessarily have to be in your favor. There are many mysteries around the algorithms and nobody admits what they are actually doing and optimizing for. Algorithms do figure out what kind of customer you could be for a company and assumed is that the intend is to try to get you to spend more and not less.

Marlene will also share a few practical tips on how to give less of your data away.

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Online via MS Teams
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  • Ms Marlene de Koning
    Director Employee Experience Consultancy Microsoft VIEW PROFILE

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