PWN Global Webinar: Keep your balance through the storm

01 July 2021 13:00 CEST - 14:00 CEST WEBINAR

“July, I love you so much / and you will never end…" - a well-known Italian song says.

Many of us, however, can’t really love this month: scorching heat, pollution in the cities, energy dropping…. Not to mention those who suffer from some chronic, physical and psychological diseases, which in this period can only get worse.

Whether we like it or not, even astrologically the energies of the planets in July will bring several "jolts" to our lives: therefore, we’d love to be able  not to fear the unexpected, keep the rudder steady but get ready to turn and bend according to what comes to us, knowing with certainty that it is for our good.

Sometimes, however, this is not so straight-on and easy.

We try to concentrate on our needs, see what we want to achieve, and there comes a lot of “interference” from other people (even our dear ones) telling us repeatedly what we should do and challenging our sense of direction.

Well, how does this resonate with you? 

“(There is a flower remedy) For those who have well-defined ideals and ambitions in life and fulfill them, but who on some occasions are tempted to deviate from their own ideas and goals, driven by the enthusiasm, beliefs or strong opinions of others. The remedy ensures constancy and protection from external influences." (Dr. Edward Bach, circa 1930).

Re-balancing and looking into our feelings is possible with natural remedies and tools like crystals, essential oils, meditation, relaxation techniques and many others, that everyone can learn and practice to add a little help to everyday’s confusion.

Let’s see how we can use the coming summer months to work on our hypersensitivity to external influences and remain centered onto our real self!

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  • Mrs Barbara De Carli
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